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Orijin Yoga

Orijin Yoga is a Bikram yoga studio in Vancouver, Canada. After my client took over an existing business, I helped to rebrand her print and digital image to suit her new vision. 



Brief and Direction

It started with the renovations...

The client didn't come to me for rebranding. She just wanted print material. The designer in me just couldn't help but follow a process that she understood in the end to be important.

I took direction from photos of the beautiful renovated studio she sent to make sure the design matched the new space. I was inspired by the color palette and the natural elements from the interiors.



"Make it minimal and just all black"

Minimal design doesn't have to be basic. I convinced my client to use the studio's bold blue color as the defining element for her brand.

Sticking to a limited color palette is my version of minimal.



print Material

Business cards makes it official

I love how elegant full colored business card looks. I designed all their print to blend right in to my client's new studio. Promotional cards make great handouts in the studio or for teachers to easily distribute on the go. 


Planning based on user goals

Giving new visitors a direct path

I switched her over to Squarespace with a more user-friendly interface. The primary goal of this website was to acquire new students. We used the large hero space to call out a promotion created especially for new students. It's hard to miss. 

For existing students, the Schedule and Login buttons were placed on the top right, just like they were used to on the previous website.



A gentle nudge on each page to join

The student promotion is also on every page's footer (see pink boxes on images).

The new visitor will be reminded to join while browsing through the other pages.




All paths lead here

Users need things to be ultra simple or they risk dropping off. Previously, the old website relied on visitors to call or e-mail the studio with a generic contact form.

To address this, I designed a page with a contact form specifically for new students to reserve their first class. It includes very simple instructions: 

  • 'New Student Inquiry' as the subject and
  • type an ideal start date and timed

The studio receives e-mails with the same subject and can easily filter the new inquiries.