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Control App Website

Control App helps e-commerce business owners manage and monitor all payments from Stripe, PayPal and other payment methods. The client partnered with Invoke Labs to market her new product and pitch to investors. My task was to implement the existing branding and apply it into a slick marketing website. 

Type • Wireframing, Web design, Icon design
Client • Control App @ Invoke Labs W/ DUSTIN BOREK



A Good Starting Point

When I started on the project, the Control logo was set and the app was complete. Another designer and myself were assigned to create accompanying digital marketing assets in the style of the app .

Sharing and passing projects was common at Labs so it was important to not only agree on a cohesive look but also properly name and organize files.


The images BELOW are the work provided by the client's app designer, Reiss Somers. 



Laying it all out

Together with the client and Labs marketing team, I created wireframes to showcase all the benefits that addressed our target market's pain points. Decisions for copy and content changes are easier to make when design and marketing are working together in the same phase of the project.


GRaphics & Ui

Photos and Color Make a Big Impact

Using the branding from the existing app, I created mockups for web and mobile. Additional assets were made such as a set of custom icons and product images to display the app in all its glory. 



Since launching the site in 2014, the collective efforts of the design and marketing team have attracted significant investments and partnerships helping the Control team to grow into it's own self sustaining company – and an Invoke Labs success story. 

view live website

P.S. this iteration of the website is no longer live online.